Markers & Monuments

For generations, families have placed timeless tributes of granite, natural stone and bronze on the graves of their loved ones as a permanent memorial to their memory. Each of these memorials or markers is created as a unique tribute to the people they honor. We know how important these memorials are to the families we serve, and we are pleased to be working directly with each family and Kol-Rocklea Memorials to help them craft a memorial that meets their special needs and transcends the ordinary. Whether simply inscribing a date of death on an existing monument, or providing a new memorial, we are confident you will find their services to be exceptional.

As full service company, Kol-Rocklea Memorials designs, carves, and letters memorials right on their premises, assuring them the ability to maintain the highest levels of quality and service at the most reasonable price.  This is why we're confident that you will find their craftsmanship, service, and reliability to be superior above memorials sold by "store-front locations" or the many new "website only" monument dealers popping up on the Internet today.

The many services provided by their experienced staff include: design, lettering, etching, carving, fabricating, and installation of markers and monuments. Additionally, they can also perform restoration, repair work, and cleaning for aged and damaged monuments and mausoleums.

Family Monuments

Individual Mausoleum

Before Restoration

After Restoration